In-Depth: Wineries

Insurance For Wineries:

A good bottle of Wine is something many people can enjoy.  And creating that perfect bottle is your passion.  You spend hundreds and thousands of hours inspecting grapes and blending flavors.  Designing labels to attract your next potential buyer.  Talking to suppliers to provide the freshest of product for a superior product.  Protecting that passion for a winery can be exceptionally interesting with a wide array of differing exposures from Winery to Winery.

With a broad array of exposures wineries can be very unique from one to the next.  Your potential exposures may or may not include Crop risks if you grow your own Grapes, contamination and product recall, and Liquor Liability.  Each of these exposures, and others, present a potential gap in protecting your life’s work.  Each level needs to be closely examined for your true risks.   Do you give tours of your winery?  If so you have a greater exposure to Premise Liability of your guests potential slips and falls, these could lead to a costly lawsuit.

For more information look to our attached PDFs on Coverage Insights and Risk Insights for Wineries, then give ISU Dixon Risk Solutions a call.