In-Depth: Trade Credit Insurance

What is Trade Credit insurance?

In simple terms it insures your accounts receivables from the insolvency of a buyer.  Each time you grant credit to your customers, your company is exposed to the risk of non-payment. Credit insurance makes sure your invoices will be paid and allows you to reliably manage the commercial and political risks of trade.

Insurance for Trade Credit

Even small suppliers have an AR at risk of non-pay from debtor.  Small or Larger we can help protect your company from that risk.  Our policy is backed by one of the worlds largest insurance companies pulling in information from 85 different credit rating companies.

The can be an excellent growth vehicle for your company as well.  Having trouble securing that line of credit from your bank because they are not considering your AR over 45 days.  By insuring that AR and proving to your bank that those funds are garrinteed many are far more willing to provide that standard financing your company needs to grow and expand.

Providing credit to a company you may normally not take the risk on.  Expanding to new markets. even internationally.  The policy can also provide real time credit analysis on current debtors and new companies you also wish to work with, with instant credit decisions.  But maybe your only worried about your larges debtors, we can custom write a program to take on only what worries you the most saving you time, money, and sleep.